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Access the full digital journey of your prospects.

Conexiant reporting is powered by our proprietary MD-ID™ tracking technology and goes beyond traditional web analytics to show you the exact identities and digital behavior of those health care professionals (HCPs) engaging with your website. Our new enhanced data system demonstrates tangible ROI from physician marketing initiatives by identifying leads for referrals and sales.

Our data and analytics capabilities provide real-time insights with proprietary Site Engagement Scoring. Detailed visitor and media engagement metrics, including visits, pageviews, video plays, and finish rates, are available alongside syndication metrics for content. All data is exportable via our web analytics dashboard. Our mDNA™ suite offers Asset Analysis, User Profile Analysis, Engagement Tier Analysis, and monthly Funnel Reports for lead analysis. We deliver cloud-hosted monthly reports and a Year in Review Executive Presentation to highlight campaign success metrics, ensuring comprehensive support for your analytics needs.

mDNA™ Funnel Reports provide visibility into each physicians’ digital journey across all your web properties.

Enhanced MD-IDTM monitoring provides you with a better understanding of what physicians are looking for.

mDNA™ Expanded Profile Analysis tool provides you with a 360° view of an individual HCP’s profile.