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Over 250K Videos Produced

Conexiant offers a comprehensive suite of onsite production, AV and media capture services designed to elevate the quality and impact of your content. Our production solutions encompass everything from initial planning and coordination to live execution, ensuring a seamless and professional experience. We employ state-of-the-art technology and experienced production teams to manage all aspects of event delivery, including live streaming, multi-camera setups, lighting, sound engineering, and real-time technical support. This meticulous attention to detail guarantees that every event runs smoothly and meets the highest standards of quality.

  • Emmy Award-Winning Production Team
  • Leader in Clinical Content Creation
  • Our Content Includes ASCO Post, Inside Dentistry, Eyecare Business, JADPRO, & APSHO
  • Video and Photo Production
  • 35 Award-Winning Publications
  • Strategically Distribute Content Across Multiple Channels
Live Surgical Content

Live Surgical Content

There's a reason we are the number 1 google searched company for live streaming surgeries. As the first company to broadcast a surgery we take pride in our expertise and experience pioneering the field of surgery content.

Webinars and Webcasts

Webinars & Webcasts

Maximize your impact with cost-effective media that transforms your message into a live, interactive experience. Engage your audience in real-time, delivering your broadcast with unparalleled efficiency and effectiveness. Elevate your communication strategy and captivate your audience with the latest advancements in live interaction.

Product Showcases

Sponsored Content

Effortlessly deliver branded or unbranded articles to your key audience, ensuring your message is seen and understood. Engage your audience with compelling, easy-to-read content that drives impact and strengthens your brand presence.

Video and Photo Production

Video & Photo Production

Our full-service broadcast-quality planning, scripting, production and post-production. We have developed more than 2-thousand programs, both live and on-demand, and have the expertise to create innovative video programs that effectively deliver your message to your target audiences. 

Branded Content and Event Pages

Branded Content & Event Pages

Discover the ultimate content distribution platform, custom-branded to elevate your organization. With comprehensive functionality designed to educate, engage, and expand your audience, our media center transforms your communication strategy. Engage your clients like never before, showcasing your brand with a powerful, seamless platform tailored to your unique needs.