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July 01, 2024

Optimizing Business Events: Unlocking Value Through Advanced Digital Solutions

Optimizing business events with advanced digital solutions like Conexiant DXP can transform your approach, driving efficiency, engagement, and continuous improvement. By integrating comprehensive event management tools within a single platform, Conexiant DXP streamlines the logistical aspects while enhancing the overall attendee experience.

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July 16, 2024

Transforming Physician & Patient Engagement: The Impact of Video Marketing in Hospitals

This article explores the transformative impact of video marketing on hospitals, emphasizing its role in enhancing patient education, increasing engagement, and building trust. It highlights the shift towards video-first content on platforms like YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram, with 91% of businesses leveraging video as a key marketing tool in 2024. Additionally, it showcases Conexiant's expertise in clinical content production and online events management, demonstrating how hospitals can effectively utilize video marketing to achieve their goals.